Hi, I'm Michael Dalton!

A certain rayban-wearing, electric skateboarding vlogger in NYC inspired me to pick up a camera in early high school where I started creating short story vlogs and shooting senior portraits.

Soon after I arrived at Texas A&M to study Telecommunications Media Studies, I landed a job as a photographer for Texas A&M Athletics.

I loved filming and editing so much that I transitioned to film within 12th Man Productions for the remainder of my time at school.

I was given the opportunity to edit the entire Ask The Aggies halftime show for the Men's Basketball and Football 2022 seasons. I was selected with a handful of other student workers to assist with shooting the Aggie Football TV show "The Pulse" under the direction of Cade Key and other talented full timers.

I enjoy filming and editing videos that tell emotionally driven stories, and discovering new ways to express my creativity.